Traffic Law

Contact the team at Max Crispe Barristers & Solicitors for legal advice and representation on your traffic offence. It is important you get correct advice and understand your legal rights.

We can provide advice and representation for all traffic law matters including those below:

Drink Driving
  • Excess 0.05
  • Excess 0.08
  • Excess 0.15
Driving under the influence of Illegal Drugs
Refusing Breath Test
Speeding Offences
Failure to stop
  • Escape Police Pursuit
Failing to give way
Failing to keep left
Running a red light
Hoon Offences
  • Excessive noise / smoke
Reckless Driving
Dangerous Driving causing Death or Grievous Bodily Harm
Dangerous Driving
Careless Driving
No Authority to Drive – Driving whilst Disqualified, Suspended or Cancelled
Applications for Extraordinary Driver’s Licences in Magistrates and District Court
Applications for Removal of Life Disqualification in the District Court